How to prepare for a Daisy Fresh Cleaning:

  1. Pre-vacuum areas to be carpet cleaned
  2. Remove breakables, valuables, and small items out of the rooms
  3. Pick up items off the carpet, tile, and furniture
  4. Make sure there is heat on the premises during winter months, fan or air conditioning to help the drying process


How long does it take for carpets to dry?

Up to 24 hours is an acceptable time for carpets to dry according to the Carpet and Rug Institute.

Heat during winter months and Fans and Air Conditioning are a must to help with air movement to facilitate the drying process. Drying times also vary depending on the soil level of the carpet prior to cleaning and pile density.


Does cleaning hurt my carpet?

No, it actually extends the life of the carpet by removing abrasive embedded soil not removable by regular vacuuming.


Do I need to be home all day?

No, we give you a 1-2 hour window time of our arrival time as we care about your schedule as well.


Do all spots and stains come out?

Spots are removable and stains are usually permanent; however, with today’s technology, we are getting more stains out. It will depend on what the stains are – i.e. food, ink, wine, coffee and others and how long it has been there and the type of carpet you have.


Is pet urine a problem?

Depends on the amount that has saturated on the carpet, pad, and the type of carpet. We have specialized products and procedures that work well on addressing pet urine. Talk to your technician for your specific cleaning needs.


Is cleaning expensive?

Don’t worry – Just give us a blank check! Just kidding. We are a reasonable and honest company.

We have been in business since 1982, and our referrals come from our customers and word of mouth.

You will find our services are affordable with expert knowledge and level of quality cleaning results that you will receive!

Give us a call for an estimated quote over the phone.


How soon can I walk on a freshly DaisyFresh cleaned carpet?

You can immediately walk on the fresh carpet with clean shoes, but limit the amount of foot traffic as hard surfaces may be slippery when stepping off damp carpet to a different type of flooring such as tile, wood and others.

Carpet Cleaning testimonial 5-star rating

I used Daisy Fresh for my rental property. The carpet was really dirty, I was concerned that I would have to replace it. Daisy Fresh was on time, competitively priced and did a terrific job. This family owned business far exceeded my expectations.
- Dave A.

When I was trying to decide on a company, both people I talked to were kind, and patient, and gladly answered all my questions. On the day of my cleaning, the technicians were on time and they did an excellent job cleaning and stretching my carpet. I would highly recommend Daisy Fresh.
- Nyree W.

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