Wood and Laminate Floor Cleaning

Wood and Laminate Floors

Clean Only

Our exclusive wood and laminate floor equipment removes soil and surface contaminants that can damage your floor’s finish. We use a custom brush and high powered vacuum to scrub and extract soils while leaving the floor dry. It is important to clean and maintain your wood and laminate floors to extend the life of your flooring for many years.

Clean and Maintenance Coat

Let us maintain your wood and laminate floors by deep cleaning and applying a hardwood floor coating. Our cleaning process removes dirt and debris leaving a dry floor immediately. We use a specifically engineered equipment to clean wood floors without damaging the finish then applying a specialized coating. We only use low-impact, green products and a low VOC coating. Our cleaning process creates a beautiful wood floor with reduced environmental impact.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Proper care, cleaning, and maintenance can keep your ceramic tiles looking their best, whether on the floor, wall, or countertop. Daisy Fresh Carpet Cleaners are the right company for all your new ceramic tile and grout cleaning treatment. Fully trained cleaning crews removes all soil and leaves your floor sparkling clean and fresh by:

  • Scrubbing with non-acid cleaners
  • Using specially designed grout cleaning brushes
  • Applying a neutralizing rinse with high pressure boiling hot water
  • Finish with a high power extraction

This would be the best time to have your grout sealed. Once we have completed cleaning the tiles and grout joints to your satisfaction, we won't leave your home until the whole area is clean and dry. Our stone floor services include cleaning, honing, polishing and sealing of marble, travertine and granite floors, showers and counter tops.

Tile and Grout Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning testimonial 5-star rating

I used Daisy Fresh for my rental property. The carpet was really dirty, I was concerned that I would have to replace it. Daisy Fresh was on time, competitively priced and did a terrific job. This family owned business far exceeded my expectations.
- Dave A.

When I was trying to decide on a company, both people I talked to were kind, and patient, and gladly answered all my questions. On the day of my cleaning, the technicians were on time and they did an excellent job cleaning and stretching my carpet. I would highly recommend Daisy Fresh.
- Nyree W.

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